General help

Procedure to request an account

You may find all the details on the request procedure in the paragraph Get a computing account.

Extension of a computing account

You may find all the details on the procedure in the paragraph Expiration date extention

Who is my czar and what are the czars duties?

The czar is the representative for her/his group or experience for CC-IN2P3. She/he is responsible for your password initialization when your account is created, or for the reset of your password whenever you forget it or it has expired. For more details: czars roles and responsabilities

Get and renew a CNRS certificate

The documentation on the procedures to obtain or renew a CNRS personal certificate are available at this address (French only).

Convert a certificate

Conversion from PKCS12 to PEM

To get the private key in the file ~user/.globus/userkey.pem:

% openssl pkcs12 -nocerts -in cert.p12 -out ~user/.globus/userkey.pem

To get the certificate in the file ~user/.globus/usercert.pem:

% openssl pkcs12 -clcerts  -nokeys -in cert.p12 -out ~user/.globus/usercert.pem

Check (and change) file modes:

% chmod 0600 userkey.pem
% chmod 0644 usercert.pem

Use te openssl command to read the content of a certificate:

% openssl x509 -text -noout -in usercert.pem

Conversion from PEM to PKCS12

If the certificate can be found in usercert.pem and if the private key can be found in userkey.pem, it is possible to generate a PKCS13 file named certif.p12 from these two files using the following command:

% openssl pkcs12 -export -out certif.p12 -inkey userkey.pem -in usercert.pem

Connect and transfer files

Only the SSH protocol is allowed for connections and file transfers to or from the CC-IN2P3 interactive servers. Two authentication modes are preferred: using password, or Kerberos ticket (via GSS-API). An RSA/DSA type authentication (SSH key) will grant you access, but will not initialize your Kerberos ticket.

To connect:

% ssh

To copy files:

% scp myfile

To transfer files:

% sftp

Resources allocated to an experiment

To visualize the resources allocated to the experiments please refer to the links below:

Change e-mail of a computing account

Please refer to the paragraph Account management.

Manage passwords

For any information on the computing accout password modification, please refer to the page Password management.

Change shell

To change your default shell, use the command changesh with the following syntax:

% changesh --help

Usage: changesh --help  | -h
       changesh <shell>

Where <shell> could be bash, csh, ksh, tcsh or zsh.

Create a new group

The creation of a new group is subject to validation by CC-IN2P3 management. To know the request procedure, please refer to the page Group creation request.

Change group

All necessary information on user group change is related in the paragraph Account management.

Change laboratory

The change of laboratory requires the same form mentioned in the paragraph Get a computing account.

Training to the center’s services

In addition to the specific documentation in these pages, you may access the support materials for the training courses organized at CC-IN2P3.