General help

Procedure to request an account

You may find all the details on the request procedure in the paragraph Request an account.

Extension of a computing account

You may find all the details on the procedure in the paragraph Profile editing

Who is my collaboration contact and what are their duties?

The collaboration contact represents their collaboration in any interaction with CC-IN2P3. For more details : Collaboration contacts.

Obtain and manage a CNRS certificate

For any information on obtaining and managing personal certificates, please refer to the page Personal certificates.

Connect and transfer files

For any information on connecting to interactive servers and transferring files, please refer to the page Connection to interactive servers.

Resources allocated to an experiment

For any information on the resources allocated to experiments, please refer to the page Resources request.

Change e-mail of a computing account

Please refer to the paragraph Account management.

Manage passwords

To edit any information related to your accout, please refer to the page Profile editing.

Change shell

To change the default shell, please refer to dedicated paragraph.

Create a new group

The creation of a new group is subject to validation by CC-IN2P3 management. To know the request procedure, please refer to the page Create a new collaboration.

Change group

All necessary information on user group change is related in the paragraph Account management.

Change laboratory

The change of laboratory requires the same form mentioned in the paragraph Get a computing account.

Training to the center’s services

In addition to the specific documentation in these pages, you may access the support materials for the training courses organized at CC-IN2P3.