When user accounts are created at CC-IN2P3, new users are usually automatically registered in broadcast lists intended to warn them in case of important events (new training, severe service interruption, etc.) You can unsubscribe from these lists, subscribe to other lists, and even create and manage your own lists for your collaborative needs.

For more details, see the ListServ.


A national LDAP server is available for all the IN2P3 units. It contains few informations of all the agents who are present at IN2P3.

This LDAP server is available at the following address: ldaps://


Access to the LDAP server is only possible from the IN2P3 network.

Here are the connection parameters to this server:

Protocole : ldaps
Hote :
Port : 636
Base : ou=people,dc=in2p3,dc=fr

The LDAP schema is as follows:

dn: uid=123456,ou=people,dc=in2p3,dc=fr
ou: USR6402
uid: 123456
objectclass: inetOrgPerson
cn: NOM Prénom
sn: NOM
givenname: Prénom
displayname: NOM Prénom

Here is an example of an LDAP search on the new schema:

% ldapsearch -x -H ldaps:// -b ou=people,dc=in2p3,dc=fr "*"

The data exposed in this server are read-only, and come from NSIP.

To modify information in LDAP, you must modify it in NSIP if you have the rights to do so, or contact the directory manager of your laboratory.


The purpose of the directory is to make the list of laboratories and staff of IN2P3 available on the web. It is available at this address Annuaire de l’IN2P3.

All the data in the directory comes from NSIP. It is therefore not possible to directly modify the directory.

There are 3 ways to modify the data displayed in directory:

  • You can modify your personal file by connecting to NSIP. You can request modifications from the directory managers of your laboratory.

  • You can request changes from the administrative managers of your laboratory.

API Directory

The directory has a read-only API for directory managers. The API allows you to retrieve a data stream from the staff in your laboratory.

It returns the information in JSON format with the following fields:

- Last name
- First name
- E-mail
- Team
- Phone numbers
- Fax numbers
- Internal fax
- Titles
- Skills
- Office
- Building
- Website
- Nature of the agent

To access the API, authentication by Bearer Token is required. Here is an example of the API call:

% curl --request GET \
 --url \
 --header 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_TOKEN'

To obtain a Token to access the API, please contact your directory managers. To find the directory manager for your laboratory, you must consult your laboratory’s directory file, the managers are displayed in a block to the right of the file.


CC-IN2P3 offers the possibility to its users and the IN2P3 staff to manage mailing lists and newsgroups with ListServ. The service requires the creation of a specific password: please follow the instructions on the landing page.

To create a new mailing list, please contact user support. The list requested name format must follow the syntax

To contact the admins of a mailing list MYLIST use the email address:

To know the users of a mailing list MYLIST to which you have already subscribed, send the command review MYLIST in the body of the mail (the subject is ignored) to

The CC-IN2P3 users mailing list is USERS-CC-L.


The aliases are not linked to the “computing” accounts: having a unix account username does not provide an alias

Only personnel assigned to an IN2P3 laboratory may have an alias. The alias points to the email address in the laboratory domain: points to

If a person is not IN2P3 presonnel, he does not have an alias. If a person leaves IN2P3, he will no longer have an alias.


CC-IN2P3 has been providing an electronic mail service to the IN2P3 staff since its move to Villeurbanne in 1986. This service has evolved over the years to offer in addition to the traditional mailbox, a set of so-called “collaborative” services.

The messaging service and these associated collaborative tools have been hosted on a platform “Zimbra Collaboration Server” (ZCS) since 2013.

This documentation describes the range of services offered, the tools and the settings to use them. It does not contain very sensitive information, we nevertheless wish that its diffusion remains limited to the community of users of CC-IN2P3. We ask you not to relay its contents outside your laboratory.

For more operational information, please refer to the dedicated FAQ.

Services proposed

The ZCS platform includes the following services:

  • e-mail

  • Instant messaging

  • Address Book Manager

  • Calendar and Task Manager

  • Electronic document case

  • Resource reservation

Access to the various services of the ZCS platform is based on standard protocols (IMAP, SMTP, CALDAV, CARDDAV, WEBDAV, XMPP), but also from a rich and particularly advanced web interface: the webclient. The “Active Sync” protocol makes services accessible for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).


CC-IN2P3 hosts an instant communication tool, available on all platforms and based on the RocketChat software.

Dedicated platforms are available for IN2P3 laboratories that have requested them and accessible from URLs of the following type:


To access your laboratory platform, please contact your local administrators.

The general platform Chat IN2P3 purpose is to allow IN2P3 staff to have the same instant communication tool for their exchanges with their collaborators, whether they are from IN2P3 or any other organization represented on the eduGAIN identity federation. It is a service which nevertheless remains dedicated to IN2P3 uses.

For more information on the use of the platform, please refer to the Rocket.Chat User Guides.