The computing grid

CC-IN2P3 is a Tier-1 site belonging to the computing grids EGI and WLCG; it provides in this context a set of computing resources for those user communities.

If you are registered with a “Virtual Orgnization” (VO) recognized by the computing grids for which CC-IN2P3 is a partner, then you can use all or part of those services.

In case you own a computing account at CC-IN2P3, you can also use the interactive servers as a “User Interface” (UI) woth the grid.

For more details, please refer to the official documentations:

In case of question or problem, please contact our user support.

Access to resources

To use the computing grid you must connect to a UI, belong to a VO and own a valid certificate.

If you own a computing account at CC-IN2P3, you can connect to the grid from the interactive servers which provide the grid tools such as gLite, SRM

To obtain and manage a certificate, please refer to the page Personal certificates

DIRAC Middleware

CC-IN2P3 hosts the DIRAC middleware instance within the framework of the EOSC European collaborations, providing grid services for several VO. It is accessible at this address:

For more information on this service, please refer to these pages:

Other CC-IN2P3 grid services

CC-IN2P3 provides a set of services for the computing grid, which this section presents the most important components.

Computing Element

The CC-IN2P3 is providing HTCondor-CE as Computing Element flavour.

Storage Elements

The storage systems dCache, XRootD and iRODS are part of the CC-IN2P3 service portfolio and are integrated into the WLCG and EGI computing grids.

Information system

Two instances of BDII are provided by CC-IN2P3: site-bdii and top-bdii.


LHC ALICE, ATLAS, CMS and LHCb experiments have a Vobox service at CC-IN2P3 for their own needs.


CC-IN2P3 manages some VO and maintains a VOMS server for this purpose.