The computing grid

CC-IN2P3 is a Tier-1 site belonging to the computing grids EGI and WLCG; it provides in this context a set of computing resources for those user communities.

If you are registered with a “Virtual Orgnization” (VO) recognized by the computing grids for which CC-IN2P3 is a partner, then you can use all or part of those services.

In case you own a computing account at CC-IN2P3, you can also use the interactive servers as a “User Interface” (UI) woth the grid.

For more details, please refer to the official documentations:

In case of question or problem, please contact our user support.

Access to resources

To use the computing grid you must connect to a UI, belong to a VO and own a valid certificate.

If you own computing account at CC-IN2P3, you can connect to the grid from the interactive servers which provide the grid tools such as gLite, SRM

Access to grid resources requires the possession of a valid certificate from an organization recognized by the grid.

In France, it is the Ministry of Education and Research that provides the certificates grid to the staff of accredited units. To request a personal certificate, please follow the instructions on the RENATER website

DIRAC Middleware

CC-IN2P3 hosts the DIRAC middleware instance within the framework of the EOSC European collaborations, providing grid services for several VO. It is accessible at this address:

For more information on this service, please refer to these pages:

Other CC-IN2P3 grid services

CC-IN2P3 provides a set of services for the computing grid, which this section presents the most important components.

Computing Element

The CC-IN2P3 is providing HTCondor-CE as Computing Element flavour.

Storage Elements

The storage systems dCache, XRootD and iRODS are part of the CC-IN2P3 service portfolio and are integrated into the WLCG and EGI computing grids.

Information system

Two instances of BDII are provided by CC-IN2P3: site-bdii and top-bdii.


LHC ALICE, ATLAS, CMS and LHCb experiments have a Vobox service at CC-IN2P3 for their own needs.


CC-IN2P3 manages some VO and maintains a VOMS server for this purpose.