Resources access

CC-IN2P3 provides any user with an account with resources accessible from an interactive server, or via predefined authentication :

CC-IN2P3 provides all users with a computing-account with the interactive accesses presented in the pages below:

Any collaboration requiring CC-IN2P3 resources must request them.

Charters for the use of resources

The use of CC-IN2P3 IT resources by its agents and occasional or permanent users is subject to acceptance of the rules defined in the CNRS IT charter and the RENATER Charte deontologique. Please find below the download links:


For any scientific publication that benefited from the CC-IN2P3 services for data hosting and processing, we suggest to insert the following acknowlegdement:

We gratefully acknowledge support from the CNRS/IN2P3 Computing Center (Lyon - France) for providing computing and data-processing resources needed for this work.