Document management


The IN2P3 Electronic Document Management (GED - Gestion Electronique Documentaire) system is provided by the Atrium platform. It is based on the Open Source solution Nuxeo. You may access this service on:

Authentication is done via the RENATER identity federation, but it is necessary to contact user support to assign the account to the right groups (IN2P3 members and lab to which they belong). Without the administrators’ intervention, when accessing the identity federation, a limited account is created with access restricted to the user’s personal area.

Atrium allows you to manage the lifecycle of a document whose content may evolve (modified by several editors or reviewers), which must be shared or published, classified and archived.

The system enables:

  • mass import,

  • access rights management to groups via the group repository,

  • notifications about a document,

  • word search in text documents,

  • automatic archiving of different versions of the same document,

  • publishing a PDF version while retaining the link with the source document.

This system is ideally suited to manage business documents, such as regulatory memos, minutes, documentation, specifications, budget preparations and so on.


The Box service is a collaborative document storage and editing tool. This service is not intended to replace the electronic document management tool deployed at IN2P3 Atrium.

It is not a storage tool for scientific data, whether derived from numerical simulation, experiments, imagery or acquisition systems. It is not a backup tool.

The documents stored on Box can be manipulated, edited, shared and protected through any web browser.

The OnlyOffice functionality also allows simultaneous editing, with other collaborators, of documents compatible with Office.

Any member of an organization recognized by the eduGAIN identity federation may access this service. This space allows you to work on documents shared with academic institutions not necessarily belonging to IN2P3 or CNRS.

Access to the web service is on:

It is possible to synchronize the documents in your space with your local workstation (desktop or mobile) using a NextCloud client. Each user can store up to 5 GB of documents on Box.

To submit requests, or report malfunctions, please contact our user support.


The storage spaces created are directly linked to the e-mail address transmitted by the authentication system and its identity repository. Spaces are therefore personal. There can be no group spaces. If you change your e-mail address, please contact our user support.