DNS management

CC-IN2P3 offers a DNS service to IN2P3 laboratories. This service is based on the platform « EfficientIP ». This documentation targets system and network administrators from IN2P3 laboratories. Although this documentation does not contain sensitive information, we would like it to be kept within this community of administrators. We therefore ask you not to share it outside of this community.

Terms of use

Any IN2P3 laboratory can make use this DNS service. The request access has to be made by the responsable of the IT team of the laboratory, or by an IT engineer if the laboratory has already an access, through the CC-IN2P3 Support. The user agrees to comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements. Outside maintenance periods, CC-IN2P3 commits to restore the service as soon as possible in case of accidental interruption.

Security rules

The following security rules related to the use of the CC-IN2P3 “EfficientIP” platform apply:

  • the user agrees not to disclose his credentials to third parties,

  • the user agrees not to use the service for non-professional purposes.

The user agrees to comply with the Charters for the use of resources

Please contact the user support to get the sevice access parameters, as well as the documentation for laboratory administrators.


The router ACLs are not managed by EfficientIP.