Information exchange tools


This tool allows a quick exchange of text files between colleagues, in a simultaneous and collaborative way. You can access this service (no credentials needed) on:


Pastebin is a quick text exchange tool, like code or pieces of documentation. You can access this service (no credentials needed) on:


Mathrice, the CNRS thematic network attached to the National Institute of Mathematical Sciences and their Interactions bringing together computer scientists from mathematical research laboratories, offers an Overleaf service for collaborative writing of LaTeX documents.

The PLMLatex service is accessible to people with an account in academic and research establishments belonging to the RENATER identity federation. You may check the list when logging into the service.

In the absence of an Online Platform for Mathematics (PLM) account, it is possible to connect via the RENATER identity federation.

This service is not managed by the CC-IN2P3, for any problem or question, please refer to the PLM user guide.