A collaboration represents a group of users using shared resources within the framework of a single research project. The collaboration is the foundation on which user needs are defined. Experiments, projects and scientific groups using CC-IN2P3 resources are therefore linked to a collaboration, which is also the basis for monitoring the use of the resources allocated to it.

A collaboration whose members are exclusively part of a single research structure staff is called administrative collaboration. To differentiate between them, we will call scientific collaboration any collaboration that does not have this “strong” link with the research structure.


A user may only be attached a member of one administrative collaboration.

Collaboration contacts

Each collaboration is represented by one or more collaboration contacts. These people represent their collaboration to CC-IN2P3, and are therefore the key players in exchanges between the collaboration and the CC-IN2P3. The collaboration contact may change throughout the existence of the collaboration.

Each user can find the list their collaborations contacts through the their User Portal profile.

From a interactive server, they can also use the following on-line command:

% laboinfo -g <group name> -p <typeOfContact={collaboration,computing,storage}>

where computing and storage refer to the technical roles described below.

Contact responsibilities

The collaboration contact is responsible for certain activities and decision-making within their collaboration. The scope and consequences may depend on the type of collaboration in which they operate.


To enable reactive handling of the above tasks, it is advisable to define several contacts for the same collaboration.

Please find below the list of tasks required:

For any IN2P3 scientific collaboration, the collaboration contact may have the additional role of validator of Non-IN2P3 accounts. This privilege is necessary to authorize the membership to the collaboration of users from research structures outside IN2P3. Please request it, if necessary, to user support.

Technical contacts

Any collaboration may wish to delegate administrative roles concerning the management of CC-IN2P3 resources to other members. The collaboration contact can assign the following roles to other members of the collaboration by sending a ticket to user support.

Computing contact

They oversee the use of the computing resources allocated to the collaboration and is CC-IN2P3 primary contact in the event of incidents.

Storage contact

They oversee the use of storage resources allocated to the collaboration and is CC-IN2P3 primary contact in the event of incidents.

Reporting contact

They have access to specific information on the User Portal enabling him/her to view resource consumption details by collaboration members.

The calculation and storage contacts, as well as the collaboration contact, also have the “reporting” role.


Technical contacts will not have the responsibilities of a collaboration contact.

Production accounts

A production account enables collaborations to carry out tasks on behalf of the collaboration rather than on behalf of one of its members (e.g. data transfers, recurring tasks, computing production management, software deployments, robots, daemons/services execution, etc.).

These accounts are for the exclusive use of collaboration members. Several production accounts can be defined per collaboration. Once created, the life cycle of the production account is linked to the collaboration lifecycle.

To create a production account, the collaboration contact must send a ticket to user support, specifying the following information:


it must respect the following syntax:


<label> is optional, but can be used to distinguish several production accounts in the same collaboration.

Reference e-mail addresses

the requesting ccontact must provide the account managers e-mail addresses. They will be grouped together under an alias which will enable communication between CC-IN2P3 and the managers:


Create a new collaboration

The creation of a new collaboration is subject to validation by CC-IN2P3 management. Please submit your request to our user support, specifying the following information :

  • Administrative definition of the collaboration

    • collaboration name,

    • administrative responsible (last name, first name, email),

    • information on collaboration contact:

      • last name, first name, email,

      • account identifier (if any),

      • laboratory of affiliation,

      • email of CNRS Standard certificate (if any).

    • other contacts if necessary:

      • give the same information as for the first contact.

  • Collaboration activity (define in a few words):

    • for example: high-energy physics, nuclear physics, astronomy, biology, earth sciences, human and social sciences…

    • establish a first draft of the data management plan.

  • Estimates of resource requirements for the coming year: