Hosting request

Submit your hosting request to our user support.

Please make sure that your message will answer the folloing questions:

  • what is the purpose of the site?

  • who will be the webmaster?

  • who will be its publication director?

  • what technologies are envisaged?

  • what is the required disk space size?

  • is there a need for a database? If yes which type?

  • what is the envisaged development of this disk volume for the next 2 to 3 years (if a database is requested, please answer this question, distinguishing the database requirements from the web server local disk)?

  • what is the expected traffic for this site?

  • what is the desired name for the site in the domain?

Anything else that allows us to understand the site content is highly appreciated. Each request is examined and assessed in the light of the elements provided and any additional information that we may request.

The cost of hosting is assessed according to its complexity, the volumes of data or access and the theme of the site. It can thus be carried out free of charge or for a fee. In the latter case, an accommodation agreement is put in place to govern the accomodation conditions and to define the rights and obligations of both parties.