MATLAB is a multi-paradigm numerical computing environment and proprietary programming language developed by MathWorks. Licences are available for IN2P3 labs.


Different releases are available at CC-IN2P3. Please follow the software loader syntax to list and activate the required release.


This software is under academic licence and cannot be used for industrial calculation.

To use MATLAB on the computing platform, you should declare the resource upon submission. To visualize the use of MATLAB and its various modules installed at CC-IN2P3, see:

To run the MATLAB script myscript.m with command mode, you must use the -nodisplay option, for instance:

% matlab -nojvm -nodisplay -r 'myscript ; exit'

Declaration on the computing platform

The matlab resource must be declared when using MATLAB in a job.

MATLAB offers toolboxes which group together specific functionalities. For the CC-IN2P3 MATLAB license some of these toolboxes are available. For four of them, resources have been defined in Slurm:

  • Distrib Computing Toolbox to which corresponds the matlab_distrib resource
  • Optimization Toolbox to which corresponds the matlab_opt resource
  • Signal Toolbox to which corresponds the matlab_sig resource
  • Statistics Toolbox to which corresponds the matlab_stat resource

When one of these toolboxes is used, the corresponding resource must be declared upon submission. You must also add the matlab resource each time you use a toolbox.