Image management

List the available images in the catalogue

% openstack image list
| ID |      Name     | Status | Server |
| 9  | cc-sl6.x86_64 | ACTIVE |        |

Create a new image from a running instance

To add a new image to your catalogue from a running VM:

% openstack server image create --name myimage myserver

Next, you may monitor the snapshot status with:

% openstack image list
| 65dabc30-6a8b-43fa-86db-be199269e78d | myimage       | SAVING |
ed7f1a02-f472-485d-8c4b-ad4c5a21c5e5 |

To instantiate this image, you need to wait for the status to be ACTIVE.


It is recommended to make snapshots of the instances with little memory (flavor type: m1.tiny/m1.small).

Add an image to the catalogue

% openstack image create \
[--id <id>]
    [--store <store>]
    [--container-format <container-format>]
    [--disk-format <disk-format>]
    [--size <size>]
    [--min-disk <disk-gb>]
    [--min-ram <ram-mb>]
    [--location <image-url>]
    [--copy-from <image-url>]
    [--file <file> | --volume <volume>]
    [--checksum <checksum>]
    [--protected | --unprotected]
    [--public | --private | --community | --shared]
    [--property <key=value> [...] ]
    [--tag <tag> [...] ]
    [--project <project>]
    [--project-domain <project-domain>]

Do not forget the option –private so that the image is not accessible by other projects

Download an image from the catalogue

% openstack image save --file monfichier monimage

Edit an image metadata

% openstack image set --name nouveau_nom monimage

Delete an image

% openstack image delete monimage