Xrootd is a service allowing high performance and robust data access to any kind of file format. Its scalability makes it an excellent candidate for data access, even at the petabyte level. The integration of a Mass Storage System (managed by HPSS at CC-IN2P3) allow a transparent access to files stored onto tapes.

Xrootd was originally developed by SLAC/SCCS for the purpose of the BaBar collaboration in order to access their ROOT files. Since then, Xrootd is part of the ROOT standard distribution. Outside BaBar, the D0, AMS and Indra experiments use Xrootd in order to do their data analysis at CC-IN2P3.

But the Xrootd usage is not limited to the access of ROOT format data . Thanks to the Xrootd POSIX client APIs, it is possible to open and access to any kind of files outside the ROOT framework, and this, without touching any single line of code.

In case of problems, please submit a ticket at CC-IN2P3 User Support.

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