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Line 47: Line 47:
 > ssh [-X] <​loginname>​@cca.in2p3.fr > ssh [-X] <​loginname>​@cca.in2p3.fr
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-To use SL6 rather than CentOS 7, connect on cca6.in2p3.fr.+
 ====  Grid Engine Environment ​ ==== ====  Grid Engine Environment ​ ====
Line 721: Line 721:
 -l os=cl7 -pe openmpi <​number_of_cores>​ -q <​QueueName>  ​ -l os=cl7 -pe openmpi <​number_of_cores>​ -q <​QueueName>  ​
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-And include in your script:\\+And include in your script ​(for OpenMPI 2.1.1 for instance):\\
 <​code>​ <​code>​
- ​source /usr/local/shared/bin/openmpi_env.sh+ ​source /pbs/software/centos-7-x86_64/openmpi/ccenv.sh 2.1.1
  ​mpiexec -n $NSLOTS phello  ​mpiexec -n $NSLOTS phello
Line 737: Line 737:
 And include in your script:\\ And include in your script:\\
 <​code>​ <​code>​
-export MPICH_HOME=/usr/lib64/mpich +source ​/pbs/software/centos-7-x86_64/mpich2/ccenv.sh 3.2 
-export PATH=${MPICH_HOME}/bin:​${PATH} +mpiexec -iface ib0 -np $NSLOTS phello ​
-export MANPATH=${MPICH_HOME}/man:​${MANPATH} +
-${MPIEXEC} ​-iface ib0 -np $NSLOTS phello ​+
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 Compilation your code with: Compilation your code with:
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