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Web area dedicated to the users of computing services and resources of the IN2P3/CNRS Computing Centre

The Computing Centre provides to its users, the tools to manage, store and process their scientific data. It provides also a whole of computing services destined to its users. The IN2P3 network, build over RENATER (French academic network) and the IN2P3 domain name (DNS) are also managed by the Computing Centre.

  • Acces to computing and storage resources is restricted. See the conditions on the page Account request .
  • All users should, as a preliminary, read the charter of the good practice of the Computing Centre’s resources.
  • The User’s guide is meant to help you begin to work at CC-IN2P3 and inform you on the available resources.
  • In case of problems, you can contact the User Support.
    If you find some problems or have some questions about the computing resources provided by the CC-IN2P3, the User Support’s ticketing system (OTRS) is available online 24/24 and 7/7. The Support answers to tickets during the working hours.
  • CC-IN2P3 notifications:
    To follow announcements concerning all incidents and interventions at CC-IN2P3, you can subscribe to the mailing list USERS-CC-L on .
  • CC-IN2P3 scheduled outages:
    The management of CC-IN2P3 services requires coordinated interventions for which an annual calendar has been established.

Computing at the CC-IN2P3

The Computing Centre has used since December 2011 Grid Engine as batch system by default.

You would like to use computing services and resources provided by the Computing Centre? You can access them through:

To get more information, please visit the page Computing at the CC-IN2P3 .

Data storage and transfer at CC-IN2P3

CC-IN2P3 has an expertise in term of storage, archiving, and data transport. It provides some storage systems. To get more information, please visit the page Data storage and transfer at CC-IN2P3 .

Collaborative and web services

A certain number of other services are available for you at the Computing Centre: ldap phone directory, news, mail, web site hosting.

To have an access to these collaborative and web services, please visit the page Collaboratives et web services .

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