The SPS storage spaces at Computing Centre are distributed disk spaces accessible from all interactive and computing machines of the Centre. It should be considered as a non permanent working disk area actively accessed by the jobs running on computing machines, and where data have limited lifetime. The data you want to store for medium and long term are to redirect to another storage space, that is to say mainly HPSS (either directly or through SRB or dCache depending on the choice of your group/VO).

Compared to AFS, these semi-permanent spaces allow the management of a more important number of files (which can have a higher size) on the same disk partition with higher network performances. The SPS spaces are based on protected disks but there are no backups available.

The data access is done directly, in the same manner as on a local file system, using the normal unix commands (ls, cp, etc.).

To submit a batch job you should specify when the job needs to access the SPS resource. To see how to specify it, go to page Using the GE batch system at the computing centre . If the resource is not specified, access will be denied and the job will fail.

For more information, visit the page SPS: FAQ .

In case of problems, please submit a ticket at CC-IN2P3 User Support.

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