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 +====== MRTGUSER - Authentication problem during resource requests ======
 +If you encounter an issue with authentication to submit annual resource requests, ask for a copy of the page http://​cctools.in2p3.fr/​mrtguser/​manips/​demande.php?​debug=1\\
 +This allows to obtain the email address presented by the certificate. Compare this email with the content of http://​cctools.in2p3.fr/​mrtguser/​manips/​utilitaires/​check_manip_to_nom.php\\
 +If you find a difference, you must update the email address in UDB (email -p works most of the time). If the problem persists, submit a ticket to [[https://​cc-usersupport.in2p3.fr|User Support]]\\
 +All the pages are referenced in http://​cctools.in2p3.fr/​mrtguser/​manips/​index.php that is referenced in http://​cctools.in2p3.fr/​mrtguser/​
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