HPSS for High Performance Storage System, is just what its name implies, i.e., a system capable of storing very large quantities of data with good performances during storage and recovery (write and read). However, if one does not respect certain conditions while using it, its performance is seriously degraded, especially by the storage of small files, where “small” generally indicates a file whose size is smaller than 1 GB. Nevertheless, the storage of smaller files is allowed in certain cases. If you need to store smaller files, contact us. Especially, one must never store files smaller than 20 MB without the carrying out of a preliminary study by the experiment and the Computing Centre.

  • Introduction to HPSS.
  • The questions to think about before starting to use HPSS ( in French ).
  • How to use RFIO to access your data stored in HPSS ( in French ).
  • HPSS by number at Computing Centre.

In case of problems, please submit a ticket at CC-IN2P3 User Support.

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