The computing resources of the Centre are grouped on a unique farm and are presented as a mutualized power: all computers are not dedicated to an experiment or group but are normalized and mutualized. All of them are accessible by al users. This management policy allows an excellent and optimal usage of the farm and the resources. The calculations (simulations, data reconstructions, data analysis) are executed independently on a single processor of a given workstation.

The batch farm can be composed by different operating systems. For each of it, it can be possible to have different materials and hardware configurations.

The whole farm, with its diversities, has bee managed since 1992 by a single batch scheduler developed at the Computing Centre: BQS. A new job scheduler, Grid Engine, has replaced BQS in December 2011.

GE (Grid Engine)

Information about Grid Engine batch system utilisation at CC, see

In case of problems, please submit a ticket at CC-IN2P3 User Support.

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