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 +====== New group request at CC ======
 +===== Introduction =====
 +A new group must be justified and requested by one of the laboratory CZARs. \\
 +For groups wishing to accept foreign collaborators,​ an authorization must be requested to the IN2P3 management, through the CC. It is preferable to make a separate mail to isolate this request, which does not follow the same workflow as the creation.\\
 +It is implied that the request is for the creation of a group whose CZAR is part of a laboratory already existing in the CC.
 +===== Procedure to follow ​ =====
 +The procedure is to make a request to the CC through a ticket to [[https://​cc-usersupport.in2p3.fr|User Support]]\\
 +In order for management to agree on the creation of the group, the following information must be provided:
 +  * Information about the group administrative manager (does not require a CC user account):
 +    * First and Last name, email.
 +    * Please specify if he wishes to receive the monthly accounts by mail.
 +    * The mail of any other person wishing to receive monthly accounts by mail.
 +  * Information about the requested group CZAR :
 +    * CZAR’s login if he already owns a CC account.
 +    * CZAR’s laboratory.
 +    * If the CZAR does not already have an account, he will need to provide all the necessary elements to create the account.
 +    * The email contained in the CZAR's electronic certificate (if it has one).
 +    * Specify any additional CZAR (AFS, BATCH).
 +    * The link to the experience website.
 +  * The activity of the group ():
 +    * Astro-neutrino,​ Bio-in2p3, Biologie, Hep-nuc, Informatique,​ Laboratoire Bio, Laboratoire de Physique, Science de la Vie et de la Terre, Sciences Humaines et Sociales, Valorisation.
 +  * Preferably, give also an estimate of the resources that will be used at the center (computing, storage, or computing and storage, etc.).
 +  * Specify any other need.
 +The [[https://​cc-usersupport.in2p3.fr|Support]] team is at your disposal to help you through this process.
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