The Computing Centre provides to the laboratories and the scientific community several collaborative and web services.

Services collaboratives at CC-IN2P3

Services collaborative at your disposal consist of, among others things, the phone directory and the photo library of the IN2P3.

For the automatic search for email address, see the configuration of the directory on page LDAP .

There is also a Webcasting service at your disposal.

Electronic document management

The Document Management of the Institute, based on EDMS system for over 10 years, is currently being replaced by ATRIUM. For more information, visit the page Document Management .

Web cluster at CC-IN2P3

The Computing Centre provides to the French laboratories and the scientific community the possibility to host web sites. Under acknowledgement, this service is accessible to anybody who is working on scientific fields in relation with the IN2P3 institute. Complete daily statistics are automatically generated for each virtual web servers. All web servers are saved on the Computing Centre backup system.

  • Asking for web hosting by mail, see more information in Mode d'emploi ( in French ).
  • How to use the web cluster provided by the Computing Centre.

In case of problems, please submit a ticket at CC-IN2P3 User Support.

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