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   * Add Shibboleth as a Social sign-in method (explained above)   * Add Shibboleth as a Social sign-in method (explained above)
-===== MISC =====  
-==== Store large files (>100 Mo) ==== 
-Pour la gestion de fichiers volumineux, tels que fichiers audio, video ou graphique, Gitlab [[https://​gitlab.in2p3.fr/​help/​workflow/​lfs/​manage_large_binaries_with_git_lfs.md|supporte ''​git lfs''​]].\\ 
-Git itself is not suited to store large files such as audio samples, videos, binairies, ... 
-GitLab is supporting [[https://​gitlab.in2p3.fr/​help/​workflow/​lfs/​manage_large_binaries_with_git_lfs.md|git-lfs]] which allows you to store theses files. 
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