GitLab au CC-IN2P3

GitLab is a collaborative hosted git service.

GitLab is destined to academic users members of the federation eduGAIN and their collaborators, for a professional use only.

Our GitLab instance is deployed using the Community Edition version.

If you have any problem, please open a ticket on our CC-IN2P3 User Support platform.

Quality of Service

Our engagement is a Best Effort type: we are putting all effort to afford service continuity.

Four ourselves we are considering this service as highly critical (level 2).

Project visibility

There is 3 visibility level for a project (and the code it contains) :

  • Private: private projects can only be cloned and viewed by project members
  • Internal: internal projects can be cloned by any logged in user.
  • Public: Public projects can be cloned without any authentication. They will also be listed on the public access directory (/public).

By default, every new project is set as private but it can inherit its visibility from its parent group.

How to Sign-up

  • Academics users should register using eduGAIN federation, by clicking on [Shibboleth]
  • Other users must register by clicking [Sign-up]

It would be preferable if the email used to register is an institutional email.
For non-eduGAIN users who wish to get a full access, someone as to vouch for your belonging to a partner organization using our ticket system.

New non-eduGAIN users will be, by default, set as external. Validators will unlock the account after verification.

SSH configuration

The recommended way to interact with a repository (project) is to use git over SSH. You can follow this documentation to help you create an SSH key.

Add Shibboleth as a Social sign-in method

When an account is created using the standard [Sign-up] method, the user won't be able to use Shibboleth authentication. To be able to do it, you should configure it in your
Profile Settings > Account > Social sign-in

The aim is to use the Single Sign On method proposed by the Identity federations.

Shibboleth collisions

When registering with eduGAIN[Shibboleth], GitLab is building the username field using the first part of the email address. (Example: will have john.doe as username).
This process can cause collision with already registered namesake from user organizations.
To avoid it you have to:

  • Register using the [sign up] option and choosing a different username
  • Add Shibboleth as a Social sign-in method (explained above)
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