How to change the group

A user can work in several experiment at the same time. In this case, he will be registered in all unix groups according to the experiments (delphi and cms for example). He was always in both unix group at the same time. But its throng, which distinguishes the experiment or the account for whom he works at a given time should be changed by him, as also its Unix gid. To change these two parameters, you can use the newgroup command.

The command:

> newgroup --query

display the list of experiments (throngs) he belongs to.

The command:

> newgroup --help

Gives you some help.

The command:

> newgroup <groupname>

modify your actual default throng (experiment) in the IN2P3 user database. Your Unix gid is also modified, but this change will be effected only on your next login. And it will take a while to propagate this mod to all workstations via NIS. So please be patient.

The option –temp added to the newgroup command allows to change the group only temporary and only inside the active session where the command was executed, until it is valid. At the closing of the session (logoff), the group change is canceled. If you open a new session, even when the first one is still active, the user will be on its default group and not the second one defined at the change time in the first session. The –login option is usually also added in order to load the group login environment:

> newgroup --temp --login <groupname>
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