The experiments in subatomic physics require statistical analysis of very large amounts of data, produced either from a particle detector, or from simulations. The main activity of CC-IN2P3 is to provide computing power and related services to the researchers in these domain.

Account request

The CC-IN2P3 provides to the users machines called “accueil” available from a local account. These interactive machines are used for the preparation phase of the work (preparation of production, writing and compiling codes, etc..).

  • To have more information how to request an account, please visit the page Account request .

Working environment

When you connect via SSH on one of unix interactive workstation of the Computing Centre through the alias, your working environment is based on PBS.

Submit your jobs

You have several possibilities to perform calculations:

  • interactive connecting remotely. The interactive mode is used for the development of algorithms and for small computing (of the order of tens of minutes),
  • remote mode using the batch system Grid Engine ,
  • via the computing grid, see the page Computing grids .

In case of problems, please submit a ticket at CC-IN2P3 User Support.

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