CC-IN2P3 scheduled outages

In order to allow a better planning to our end users a yearly calendar of the IN2P3 Computing Centre’s major maintenance dates is provided. At those dates it is very probable that most or even all services of the Centre are unavailable.

The increasing complexity of the systems managed makes an accurate coordination of their downtimes necessary. Setting up a long term planning serves to achieve this goal.

Each of these downtimes can potentially impact all of our services.

For each of them a detailed list of services impacted and the scheduled planning of the work to be done will be published 10 days before . Exceptionally, it may happen that the maintenance scheduled at a date announced here does not lead to any visible outage at all.

The dates of planned downtimes one year ahead are available in the following format:

Outlook : webcals://
Web page :

In addition to the dates published here there may be other partial (or full) service downtimes resulting from unexpected events, from operational constraints or as a consequence of computing security issues where the delays of intervention are incompatible with the planning presented here.

The traditional ways of news broadcast (web site, email lists, grid downtime declarations …) will continue to be used.

Please find below an archive of the operations during the CC-IN2P3 scheduled outages.

  • Concerning past outages, the information corresponds to the operations details disclosed during the outage notifications.
  • Concerning future outages, only the date is available.
  • Concerning an outage that has already notified or is in progress, the information covers the of unavailability timetable and the impacted services list.

Year 1st outage 2nd outage 3rd outage
2020 17 March 16 June 20 September
2019 19 March 4 June not scheduled 26 November
2018 13 March 12 June 18 September 4 December
2017 21 March 13 June 19 September 28 November
2016 15 March 14 June 20 September 6 December
2015 3 March 16 June 22 September 8 December
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