User support

User portal

Every user owning a computing account at CC-IN2P3 can consult the User Portal website. This portal provides you with information on your account, your data on our storage services, your activity on the computing platform, among others.

You can also find on this portal usage reports and information related to the activities of the experiments you participate in.


The helpdesk belongs to the services dedicated to the users of CC-IN2P3. For any question, incident or problem using our services, please submit a ticket through the helpdesk so that we can assist you.

You can connect to the helpdesk using the SAML button, which directs you to the CC-IN2P3 authentication system and propose you to connect either using your CC-IN2P3 computing account credentials, or through eduGAIN. In case you do not own a computing account at CC-IN2P3 nor are able to authenticate on eduGAIN, you can still “register as a new customer” from that page and connect with login/password.

Training at CC-IN2P3

Trainings are regularly organized to help our users benefit from the services offered at CC-IN2P3 in the best possible way. CC-IN2P3 users are notified through their dedicated mailing list when new trainings are planned, with details related to the venue, dates, topics addressed etc. If you are interested in one of those trainings, you are welcome to register.

Collaborative documentation

Other documentations on the use of CC-IN2P3 services have been written in partnership with our users. Please find these documentary resources on the dedicated GitLab repo: