Operational information


Through the User Portal

Users registered with a computing account can acces through the User Portal the history of their CPU consumption over the past years. Users can also consult the CPU consumption of the groups they belong to.

To access these reports, visit the portal through the following links:

then click on the histogram icon at the top right of the widget showing the jobs status.

Through automatic reports

The czars receive consumption reports from CC-IN2P3 on a monthly basis by e-mail. These reports show the details of the user consumptions on the computing platform and the storage services.

Mailing lists

When user accounts are created at CC-IN2P3, new users are usually automatically registered in broadcast lists intended to warn them in case of important events (new training, severe service interruption, etc.) You can unsubscribe from these lists, subscribe to other lists, and even create and manage your own lists for your collaborative needs.

For more details, see the dedicated section.

Maintenance downtimes

The wide range of services offered by CC-IN2P3 makes it necessary and frequently to plan interventions such as software or firmware updates of the systems composing our infrastructure. Because of the complexity of these systems and that each intervention can lead to a temporary service unavailability, we coordinate these interventions and try to group them in maintenance stops that we plan well in advance.

These stops do not generally concern all of our services, which is why we communicate ten days before the detailed list of the services affected as well as the provisional planning of the operations that will be carried out. In this context, it may happen that a planned stop will ultimately lead to no service unavailability.

To minimize the impact of these maintenance operations on the daily activities of its users, CC-IN2P3 send communications so that users can plan their work accordingly.

In addition, the following links lead to the list of scheduled maintenance shutdowns for the next 12 months:

The publication of this schedule does not exclude other service downtimes that may occur due to unforeseen events, operational constraints or computer security issues that we may have to implement in a timeframe that is not compatible with the published schedule.