Group creation requestΒΆ

The creation of a new group is subject to validation by CC-IN2P3 management. To request the creation of a new group, please submit your request to our user support, specifying the following information:

  • Administrative definition of the group
    • group name (8 characters max.)
    • administrative manager (last and first names, email)
    • information on request czar of the group:
      • last name, first name, email
      • login of the calculation account (if any)
      • laboratory / institute
      • email of the CNRS Standard certificate (if any)
    • other relevant czars:
      • provide the same information as the czar of the group
  • Group activity (please define it in a few words)
    • for instance: high energy physics, nuclear physics, astronomy, biology, Earth science, human science, ...
  • Estimates of the resources required for the incoming year:
    • CPU (HS06.h)
    • GPU (hours)
    • storage
    • specify any other relevant need
    • for more information please refer to the page Resources requests