Resources requests

Each year, CC-IN2P3 management must plan the hardware purchases that will cover the IT needs expressed by all users for the coming year. Therefore, during the last quarter of a year, the “request” czars of all the groups will be invited to express their group’s needs for the following year. An anwser is strongly recommended before the end of December at the latest.

Requests made after arbitration, which is held at the very beginning of the year, may be refused. In particular, without a new request concerning the computing resources, the group could no longer be able to compute. There is no tacit renewal of the computing resources from one year to the next.

The resources currently used by your group as well as the history are available on the following sites:

Do not hesitate to add to the request any comments that could be useful to us. If possible, please indicate a multi-year estimate, even approximate, of your needs so that we may anticipate our purchases for the years to come.

List of available resources

Please follow the list specifying your needs for the following year for the different services, in particular computing (HTC, HPC and GPU) and storage (disk, tape and databases).

Requests for computing resources must be expressed in HS06 units and will correspond to a value of the requested computing capacities integrated over the year. Please specify the amount of resources for each desired computing type (HTC or HPC).

GPU resources, on the other hand, must be expressed in time of use (hours).

For storage and databases, please indicate the overall volume, by type of storage, that you would like to see allocated to your group. Alternatively, you can provide us with the desired increment over the currently occupied volume.

  • HTC (HS06.h)
  • HPC (HS06.h)
  • GPGPU (hours)
Tape storage
Disk storage
  • MariaDB
  • Postgres

Specific needs for Web, Network, Software.

SPS space allocation criteria

The allocation of additional SPS space is subject to the following criteria:

  • For groups requesting SPS space through direct or indirect funding, whatever their use of their current space, the SPS space is increased by the requested volume.
  • For groups requesting SPS space without direct or indirect funding (the majority of cases), the two 75% golden rules must be satisfied:
    • the current space must be at least 75% full;
    • at least 75% of the used space must have been accessed over the last 12 months.


Being SPS a semi-permanent space, users are asked to regularly purge the files no longer useful. User support remains available to discuss all cases for which these criteria would prove too restrictive or difficult to meet.