Types of jobsΒΆ

Grid Engine supports several types of jobs. Different types of jobs can be submitted on the computing platform. Each job type is adapted to a different use case and requires a suitable syntax.

Interactive jobs:
jobs that run in an interactive session; to use for development and test scripts. Be careful, these jobs are not adapted to the submission of long or intensive calculations. Interactive jobs can be single-core or multi-core.
Single-core jobs:
jobs executing operations sequentially, using a CPU core.
Multi-core jobs:
jobs that perform parallel operations on a compute server by simultaneously using multiple cores with shared memory (multi-thread).
Parallel jobs:
jobs that perform operations in parallel, possibly on different compute servers, using an MPI type interface.
GPU jobs:
jobs that run on compute servers with GPUs. GPU jobs can be multi-core, parallel, and interactive.
Daemon jobs:
single-core jobs that use very few resources but can run with no time limit.
Array jobs:
the same code is executed with different arguments. These tasks can be performed in parallel, but are completely independent of each other. Single-core, multi-core, and parallel jobs can be submitted in table jobs.