Single-core jobs

Single-core jobs are the simplest to submit, you may use the qsub command as described on the page Submit a job. Only the project specification is mandatory but other options are useful to correctly configure your job.

The queues available for a single-core job are the following:

  • long
  • huge
  • longlasting

To know the queues limits please refer to the page Information on scheduling queues.


With the exception of long, access to the other single-core queues is restricted. You must contact your computing czar to access this type of resource. Restricted queues FAQ.

Submission script example

#!/usr/bin/env bash

# To specify 10 minutes of 'wallclock time'
#$ -l h_rt=00:10:00

# To request 1 gigabyte of memory
#$ -l s_rss=1G

# To name the job
#$ -N job_example

# To declare your project under which the job will be executed
#$ -P P_<groupname>

# To merge the stdout and stderr output into a single file
#$ -j

# The stdout and stderr outputs will be in your $HOME by default
# to place them elsewhere eg. under your $HOME:
#$ -o $HOME/<yourPATH>/

# Run your order, and save the result
echo $(/bin/date) > result.txt

# Your job is running in the temporary working directory ($TMPDIR) on
# the calculation servers that will be deleted at the end of the job; at the end of your calculations,
# you have to copy the results you want to keep in a storage space
# appropriate, eg
cp resultat.txt $HOME/myresult

This job is submitted by running:

% qsub

It is possible to pass parameters to the script:

% qsub arg1 arg2 arg3